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God Help Us
You know, Paul Ryan might be right. Maybe prayer does work. For instance, we could pray that all the people slaughtered in our country with assault rifles and other weapons of mass murder be brought back to life. God could do that, right?

Maybe we could beseech the Lord to go back in time and do a tiny tweak on the Second Amendment. You know, just enough so that even an archconservative Supreme Court couldn’t find a way to twist the language to make it guarantee the gun madness we’re living with now? Surely God would be up for some light editing if it saved the lives of so many innocents.

We could even ask Him to destroy weapons of war everywhere. Assault rifles, nukes, poison gas, anything we use to murder each other in large numbers. Surely He’d be down for that if we really, really wanted Him to do it. Wouldn’t He?

Heck, as long as we’re praying big, maybe we could call on heaven to help Congress grow a pair.

Or is that too much?
Trump supporters are people who know what they believe.
~ JC, Bonny Doon